Depression effects a lot of people in the world today, people from all economic ranges old and young alike. This is a tuff time for a lot of people losing their jobs and their income decreasing or stopping altogether. This has added more things that pressure on people and a lot of them have no idea how to handle it. This stuff has just added to the many reasons that people of all ages have been depressed.

Here are some things that people have or do when they are depressed:










Proverbs 17:22 (God’s Word Translation)

A joyful heart is good medicine, but depression drains one’s strength.









Job 30:16 (New Living Translation)

“And now my life seeps away.Depression haunts my days.












Psalm 143:7 (New Living Translation)

Come quickly, LORD, and answer me, for my depression deepens. Don’t turn away from me, or I will die.









Isaiah 65:14 (God’s Word Translation)

My servants will sing because of the gladness in their hearts. But you will cry because of your sadness and wail because of your depression.











Sometimes we feel so bad about ourselves, we are out there trying something to make us feel better or to numb the pain/sadness.


































Others can talk us in to doing things we wouldn’t  normally do because we just don’t care at this point. We are searching for something and hope that someone has the answers.









School, work, and relationships can be very stressful. You are always out trying to please someone and not let them down.











Some people seek love and affect and turn to sex for that. Most just have flings or one night stands which later, when they are all alone makes them feel even worse and disused about themselves. Some might even turn to prostitution.









People turn to suicide when they have hit bottom,it seems nobody cares or loves you, and you are just tired of going on and fighting.


















In today’s society feeling that you look good and are smart is stressed so much.


Self Image/Self Esteem




















All of these things are very serious problems. Society and some Doctors want to tell you it’s a medical condition that even with treatment can’t be helped totally. That is because it is a spirit that has crept up on you. Only God can fully heal you of this disease. This is a disease caused by spirits to make you kill yourself or others.

I know about this because I once to dealt with this spirit. I was out to harm myself in any and every way that I could to try to get out of the hopeless pit that I somehow managed to have fallen in. But nothing I did helped it always made me feel worse and even more depressed. I was on the verge of taking my life because I saw no hope and saw I was getting further and further down. Then one night as I was sitting in my bedroom crying out, I wanted help, I needed help, I had the knife in my hand crying. When I heard God talk to me and told me that He loved me and He wanted me. I was saved (a Born Again Christian) before and I had back slidden. I never once asked God for help or seeked Him I left Him. Yet, He came running to comfort me when I truly desired help. God can heal all things. We just have to trust in Him and believe that He will do it.

If you need help with depression or any other the things that were listed, you can call on God and He will help if you truly in your heart want His help.


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